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We Build Web Apps to Power Your Business

  1. What is a Web App?

    A Web App is data (customer data, inventory, ecommerce, etc.) or data-driven (analysis of retail, stats, surveys) application which allows you to input, analyze, and report information used in your business. We tailor our GOTOOL Platform to support your customer data, retail trends, inventory, etc.

    Select a Web App to see our solutions.

    A Basic Survey of 4 questions
    $9 month

    Four Questions: Yes-No-Maybe or True-False

    Here's what you get:

    • Unlimited number of surveys can be taken each month
    • Embed a link into your website
    • Results instantly emailed to you.
    • Instant email of results
    • We can design more detailed surveys with reports. Just Ask.
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    Get Your E-commerce Store Setup and Ready for Business $399 Installation

    Monthly Pricing $29.99

    Here's what you get:

    • Animated banner designed by our staff
    • SSL Socket installed for Credit Card Transaction Security
    • Backend Application to manage inventory, pricing, coupons, etc. See the Demo.
    • We'll even set up your first 3 product categories and 10 products to get your started. The store can support PayPal, Authorize.Net, First Data and many other types of Checkout Transactions.
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    We can deploy a holistic system tied to your various departments/functions to manage your inventory

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    Here's what you get:

    • Unlimited Parts, ABC Code, Barcode Support, and many more features. We can support several levels types of user logins: Warehouse worker, shipping processor, engineering, etc. Try our demo. Login: demo, Password: demo
    • Our cloud based application the GoTool is the platform you need that can interface with legacy systems. Quotation is based on integration, cloud deployment, and per user/monthly fees.
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    We are your form champions.
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    Signature Capture, Email Form Contents, & More

    Have Forms that need to be an online application:

    • Process an unlimited number of forms per month
    • Forms can capture live signatures, calculate totals, send multiple email notices. We capture everything in a database to recall processed forms later. We can supply a back office to allow users to track processes and form updates.
    • A setup/integration charge is determined by number of forms, amount of data, and form features. Access is charged by user per month.
    Live Demo of our Signature App

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    We specialize in large datasets for Retail Solutions.
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    Large data sets, tracking of trends, that's what we do.

    • In-depth reports based on your metrics
    • Secure FTP
    • Multiple user plans available
    • Customer data, spending analysis, inventory turns, etc.
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    Need an app for your customer service agents? We can build it.

    Secure App Tailored to Your Process

    • A robust solution to track user data, help tickets, etc. We have FAQ modules and client history modules to give an agent system knowledge.
    • We can incorporate shipping information, inventory, warehousing, all the departments needed to deliver your solution.
    • We can develop and deploy a robust application for your organization
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    Invited Guest or 2 sided applications: client-sales agent apps. We build 'em.
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    We build apps for vertical industries like Real Estate, Healthcare, and more.

    • Let our experts design a system to house your forms and support your salespersons.
    • We can provide any level of client interaction, from just watching the forms be completed, to actually signing and authorizing forms.
    • We can build ecommerce into the application and utilize an SSL to keep information safe and secure.
    • Charges include integration, cloud installation, and a monthly charge per user.
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  2. How does this work?

    Call or inquire for a free consultation. Simply tell us what you want and we will prepare a quotation.

    We will send you a design specification listing features, reports, datasets to be used, etc.

    Hire us, the GalliumGroup tech team here at to get your app built.

    • In-Depth Reports

      We deploy our thinking module to build dynamic reports that help you work better, more efficiently. Our platform is designed to offer an in-depth approach on a solid foundation, which can deployed quickly with robust features.

      Keep your branding consistent and stand out in the inbox.

    • Simple, intuitive features

      We try to model your processes. Our software should reflect your business to make your work easier. We employ our "Thinking Module" technology to deliver optimal performance.

    • Great support

      The GalliumGroup Team is here to help. We want to liberate the value hidden in your data to make your work easier, smarter, leaner.

  3. Get started today. Contact Us.

    Inquire online or give us a call at 404.920.8171 to talk with a GalliumGroup expert who can understand your needs for an application and develop a quote and timeline to get your application up and running.




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